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Sheet Music for Piano

my thoughts on creating music:  Improve + Improv + Motivation = "Improvation"


Music can both explore--and provide a respite from--daily life.  

Through a combination of improvisational and extemporaneous recordings,
I enjoy creating music that fosters reflection, taps into inner motivation and helps the mind to clear.

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brian eastley

I've developed and refined the music of Improvation for more decades than I care to admit, starting early in life with piano lessons from my mom, then playing in my high school jazz band--which taught me the fun of improvisation--and then casual playing for several decades at home--along with being an organist for our church.

I grew up in Tacoma, Washington, then jumped across the country to attend M.I.T. and Babson in Boston, and lived in other areas around the U.S., like Washington, D.C., the SanFrancisco - San Jose Bay Area, Phoenix, AZ, and most recently in the Raleigh, NC area.  

I've enjoyed casual playing for personal relaxation and enjoyment, but kept hearing people comment on how they also enjoyed hearing me play, saying if I recorded something, they'd want to listen to it.

As for my style of composition, I don't write out my music ahead of time, but just enjoy sitting down and playing by feeling and always comes out a bit different...never the same piece twice.  
Whether creating improv arrangements of existing music, or simply feeling inspired to play new extemporaneous pieces, I've enjoyed recording these in the hopes this music might help you relax, or even inspire you to pursue your own passion. I haven't recorded much yet, but will add more going forward...hope you enjoy it too!

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